Your perspective is very interesting and comforting to me. I shared it with my daughter who also watches politics very closely and is so dismayed and offended by Trump. Everything is relative. Yes, I cringe when I read of the tyranny others must endure. We can still criticize our government, but people are being penalized for it in ways they never have in the past. Attacks on the media coming from the White House are attacks on our fundamental freedoms and so many of us are concerned. To say nothing of what he is doing to the environment. Yes, the stock market is booming, but there are other metrics. We have already seen the adverse affects of his deregulation policies on our environmental protections and it will get worse as coal industries and pesticide companies can now poison our air and water again. I remember when smog was a problem in the US. Because of our rigid air quality laws, it became non-existent. Now he’s dismantling all that legislation. There will be a price for this.

But so good to contemplate his ouster.

Be well.

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