Why Views Matter on Medium

If Medium puts it on our dashboard, we ignore it at our peril.

But I didn’t really understand the difference between Views, Reads, and Fans.

See, nobody seemed willing to part with useful data on why Views mattered.

Ignoring Views worked for me. Until it didn’t.

It turns out, Views are a big deal. Views matter.

But when I invested in some new tops and pants, then pulled out some of my nice jewelry and shoes to go grocery shopping or hop on BART to visit friends, people noticed me for a change.

In other words, we get VIEWS.

And if my article doesn’t get Views, it can’t get Reads, Ratios, Fans, Claps, Followers, or any of the good stuff that will put money in my pocket every month.

Let’s just see how checking my Views has opened up a new way of understanding my dashboard.

And on days when my Views tanked, how did that affect my other metrics? Well, that was easy to check.

I recalled I had published four articles that day, a high for me. That meant my writer persona was visible on Medium.

Just looking at the spike in Fans initially made me think, wow. People like me. But I was missing the point. Views pointed to the work I’d done to get the fans

If I’d had no Views, that would have likely told me that work hadn’t been as productive.

In other words, I have to change my ways and read the instructions.

Writer, editor, researcher, aging expert, life coach, sand tray coach. Read one of my 55 titles on Amazon: https://www.HelenCassidyPageBooks.com

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