This story got coverage on MSNBC. I watched her interview with Lawrence O’Donnell and was deeply disturbed by Ms. Carroll’s response to the question about why she would or would not pursue a rape charge, since she has the dress that possibly has DNA evidence on it.

She won’t even consider submitting it for tests. Her answer is that it would be unfair to rape victims who do not have a voice. I’m paraphrasing here. But that is exactly why I wish she would press charges. Perhaps they would exonerate Trump or be inconclusive (most likely). But she has a platform and a voice and can speak up for those who are abused with no consequenses.

I am as much disturbed that she is contributing to the silencing of women by not making Trump accountable in a court of law, as by the act itself. Why make this claim, the most violent and vicious so far, except for the attack on his wife, if not to make him accountable? I know I’m not in her shoes, but since she’s put all this in a book, I have the right to respond.

I am so sorry she was brutally attacked. She describes a heinous crime. And I’m glad she came forward. But I wish she would find the courage and support to take the next step and press charges. There is no statute of limitations on attempted rape. Times have changed. I believe many would come to her aide in light of the expected legal onslaught Trump would unleash. But we have enough lawyers who would come to her defense now, and precedent shows these cases are finding merit in court. Please, E.Jean. Rethink your decision. For yourself and for all abused women.

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