Sherry, my friend, you are so hot I can barely say your name without burning my tongue. This has to be the most inventive, creative, colorful, badass post on Medium. What a fantastic hot brain you have to come up with this idea, though you hit some kind of bump for giving me far too much credit. I’m only standing on the shoulders of these fantastic women who have inspired me from the get-go. I have some names to add for sure, Marguerite Floyd (imagination par excellence), Peggy Gillespie Hazelwood as loyal, funny, persistent, creative model for independcnce and following your own star as you will find on this planet, Emma Austin for being the badass writer about sex I wish I could be, and oh, senior moment, don’t stop me know. There are more, I know. Can I come back with more names?

Bless you for spotlighting these wonderful writers, Sherry, and you above all for being so f**king authentic on the page. Thank you.

Writer, editor, researcher, aging expert, life coach, sand tray coach. Read one of my 55 titles on Amazon:

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