Ryan, thank you for your article. I’m one of the writers who jumped on the Kobe bandwagon (I don’t mean that in a pejorative way), and wrote my own article yesterday about Kobe. My perspective was quite different. I am at an age where I am reflecting on the sum of my life, and Kobe’s sexual assault was the first image that always came to mind whenever I heard his name. However, my reflex caused me to question my kneejerk reaction to judge him without learning more about him post-Colorado incident. I did not know the degree to which he attempted to rehabilitate himself and, whether it’s enough in the grand scheme is not for me to say, but it caused me to reassess my opinion of him and put a check on my tendency to judge without all the facts. In that sense, Kobe was my teacher, sadly after his death.

I don’t fully agree with everything you said about the “incident,” just as you may not agree with mine. But I’m so happy so many writers are using his tragic death as a flashpoint to comment on so many important issues. It is my hope that through this tragedy we can open our eyes just a bit.

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