My condolences on your loss. I’m so glad I found you. I think this is the third of your pieces I’ve read. And you’re a Springbox to boot.

James Agee wrote a beautiful novel called A Death in the Family. I read it about a dozen years after my father died suddenly. The grief I felt at the time was immense, but some of it was submerged and I knew that. The shock was too great to take in at the time. Agee’s novel helped me grieve for my father, but in one scene, after chapters of watching this family’s sorrow that helped me relive and release my own, out come a line that was so unexpected and funny, I was all but rolling on the floor laughing.

Oh yes, laughter is healing, not just for you the writer, but it’s a gift you give your readers, though at a price I’m so sorry you have to bear.

I will read everything you write and so glad you are in the good hands of my two friends Susan and Michelle. Best wishes and thank you for your gift.

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