I’m a white editor with black clients. I edit and write e-books. I can tell you (well, the readers of your article, you know this) that there are black writers in the romance genre who are wildly successful and who have a white audience as well. I am currently reading a novel by a black author that is in the romantic suspense/thriller category and love the deep dive into New Orleans/Louisiana culture and history, as well as the tropes of the genre. Lots of kissing, lots of suspense, lots of history. As a reader, I’d love to see this type of book more widely marketed so it would come to my attention more easily. As you know, getting eyes on your work is a challenge because there is so much competition.

Great article and I appreciate the insights to your history/struggles as a writer. You may not know the film The Pawnbroker, from the ’60s I believe. It had a scene with two black characters kissing and it was an eye-opener for white audiences because it was the first time (in my memory) black sexuality had been showcased in a mainstream film. Now it’s commonplace. We’ve always needed trailblazers in the arts for all kinds human experience.

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