Hi, Sherry, how interesting that I also read this article and had many thoughts about it. Some of my reactions were similar to yours. However, I do know thin people who speak ill of the objese, and in my youth I’ve been in on conversations where people were judged for their weight and looks. As I’ve matured I’ve worked to change my perspective. I wish I could say I’ve never judged anyone, but I can’t. However, my thoughts these days, and for many recent days and years have changed as I’ve educated myself about health, as I’ve had my own issues with health, body image and eespecially aging. Cast the first stone and all that.

I think it’s hard not to be aware of someone who is morbidly obese as it is to notice disability in our culture. It’s not the norm, but that does not mean observation automatically comes with negativity, as you point out or an impulse to reject a person for who they are and what they look like.

Something the writer missed in her piece is an awareness the passing crowd may have for the struggle of others, and perhaps some silent good wishes for their struggles. She may see as patronizing a gesture that is compassionate. She may not wish the attention, as is her right, but that does not diminish the heart of the other. Her piece made me more sensitive to her feelings; I hope she reads your piece and as you say, takes a step back and realizes she may have more acceptance than she realizes.

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