Hi, I looked up your piece on pushups. I guess I’ve never had the strength to do them, even when I was working with a trainer some years ago. My goal was to do a pull up, which some people say women physically can’t do. My trainer said he’d get me there, but then I had a string of illnesses ending in open heart surgery and couldn’t afford Ben anymore and while I still have my gym membership and love it, I’ve never gotten back to those two. Maybe you could write about how to start from scratch. You’re piece assumed more strength than old people might have. I’m bulking up with weights and I can do a 2 min plank, but still need more upper body strength to follow your advice.

Does this seem like a piece you could write or does it interest you? I’d be happy to edit and promote it if that’s what you mean. Or anything else.

I have people commenting on my workout articles, I don’t have many and I’m not an expert but my age seems to motivate people. Some folks tell me they are starting to exercise after a long break. So what about advice for rank beginners who are older and starting from a deficit?

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