Dear Parag, I found you through the very generous comment you left on one of my articles. I scrolled through the articles you've published because I was intrigued by what you said to me and I wanted to see what you've written. The title of this one stopped me, because I have a thing about "aspiring" writers. The term makes me grind my teeth. There's no such thing. You write or you don't. You might aspire to get published in a big publication or sell a novel, but if you put words on a page, you are a writer. Perhaps you aspire to get better, that I can accept. But we hold ourselves back when we don't fully inhabit the skin of our dreams.

I've read this piece and you must change it aspiring writer to inspiring writer. It is an excellent piece that left me wanting more of your work. I read between the lines and saw all the hard work you've put into your writing, indeed, into your life. It shows. I'm a fan.

Thank you for finding me and letting me find you.

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